Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Survived !!!!!!!

Last night was my son's birthday sleep over. Ten kids spent the night. It was a lot work, but I did have a great group of kids which made it a lot easier. Also, my friend Beth helped me the first part of the evening, which was the hardest. I could not have done it with out her. Thanks Beth !!!! ( If you do not have a best girl friend, you need to get one. They are great, but you can not have mine.)
The party started at 6:00 when the kids started to arrive. We first had pizza, which I tried to melt extra cheese in the shape of ghost on it, but the ghost melted into the pizza. I think it started out cute. ( You have to add the cheese after the pizza has cooked for a little while).

Then, they wanted to do crafts. For the girls, they made purses and the boys made pirate ships.

Then came my salmon colored, jack-o-lantern ice cream cake. It was very delicious, even though the boys made fun of Cody's pink cakes.

After the ice cream cake, Cody opened up his presents. He got Bionicles ( which he loves). He also received light saber (Star Wars), and a motor cycle chemistry things (hard to explain, but very cool).

Then we had a pinata, which the kids all enjoyed hitting and gathering the candy and little toys. After that Beth and her husband left with Sarah. I was nervous because everything had gone well up to now, but now I left alone with the kids and my husband (who is really just another kid).
The kids then played while I straightened up. Next, came the Mummy Game. That is where you take toilet paper and wrap someone up like a mummy. The kids see to really enjoy this too.

Even my husband got into the mummy wrapping.

After the mummy wrapping, the kids had fun with the toilet paper. Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun?

We have muscle man.

We have fat men.

We have jolly fat man.

Soon to be fat man and girl.

After cleaning up 12 rolls of toilet paper, it was movie time. This took some time because we had to have 3 movies for 3 different age groups. Girls watched Barbie, younger boys watched Scooby Doo ,and the older kids watched Monster House. Some how they all ended up watching Monster House. The only one to fall asleep was my daughter Caity.

Our midnight snack at 10:30.

This is where the hard part came for me. It is hard enough for me to get 4 kids to bed at 8:30. Now I have to get 10 kids that I have to get ready for bed at 11:30. It worked out okay, it just took awhile.
The girls slept up stairs in beds, The 2 younger boys slept on the sofa bed. Now the older boys could have all slept in beds but they decided to sleep on the hard wood floor. Go figure.
I think they all fell asleep around 12:15 to12:30. I thought, okay ,that means they will sleep late.
Oh no, I woke up before 7:00, and all were awake except the 4 year old boys and my 2 year old. Which woke up soon after. The older kids were all playing video games.
What made me get out of bed was a little funny incident. Quinn had to go to work today, so he was up early and took a shower. Our bed room door was cracked open so we could sort of hear the goings on. I hadn't heard anything, so I kind of thought everyone was still asleep. (No they were in Cody's room playing games). Anyway, Quinn walked out of the bathroom in his boxer briefs the same time one of the little girls walked in our bedroom. Quinn said "Oh no and went back into the bathroom. Sydney started to laugh and walked out saying " Hey, Caity did you see your Dad?" (When her mom came, I explained the story, because no telling how a 4 year old would tell that . Her parents would think we are bigger weirdos, than they already think we are.)
Next was how to tackle breakfast ? I kind of did it in shift. Thank goodness before I went to I fixed six packages of muffins. That went well. But it was only 8:30. Did I tell people to pick up their kids at 10:00 or even later. Oh, No what was I thinking !
I decided to let them watch another movie. And they did. Finally the parents came, thank goodness none of them took me up on the later part of picking the kids up.

I hope everyone had fun, I did but I am glad it is over.


Beth said...

Peter and Sarah had so much fun!!
Peter is so tired right now. We went to Lowe's to pick up some paint and he fell asleep in the car. I'm hoping he will take a nap this afternoon but I'm sure he won't!

I should have stayed longer but it looks like you handled it well! You probably need a nap this afternoon, too!

Honey said...

Looks like the party was a big success! I loved the pictures and all the food you made looked so good and so creative! Even the pink Jack-o-lanterns! haha! No wonder you were so tired after everyone left :) That looked like an awesome birthday party to me!