Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not So Sweet Memories of the Summer

My husband is going on a deep sea fishing trip tomorrow, and he was telling me all the details. He was saying how he had to get up early, 10 other people were going on 3 boats and how he was going to be on the boat for 13 hours. Well, that reminded me of this summers boating trip, that I thought you might find amusing, at least the pictures are.
This summer we went to Destin, Florida and stayed for a week. During our week stay we thought we would take the kids on one of those glass bottom boats to go see dolphins. We all thought that was a great idea, and the kids were all excited. So my husband, my 4 kids, my father-in-law and my 2 brother-in-laws set out on this 2 hour tour. At first everything was fine we went out and heard how Destin has grown in the last 30 years. Then we saw some dolphins swimming around.
That is where the fun ended for me. I don't know what happened to me after I had kids, but it has made me very prone to motion sickness. It is hard for me to even ride on a regular swing without feeling ill. So I take about 4 pictures of the Dolphins, and I started to feel very ill. I ended up vomiting 3 times, fortunately I did make it to the very small rocking bathroom every time. It was very embarrassing. I was the only one on the boat to get sick. I really do not think it happens a whole lot because the people working on the boat were not prepared. They were sympathetic, but all the could offer me was an altoid mint and something about some a pressure point on my wrist. Which neither by the way worked. I got sick about 1/2 hour into the boat ride, so it was a very long 1 1/2 hours of rocking and vomiting. One sweet thing was a little boy who said I could have his seat because he was near the bathroom. I am sure it was a very fun ride, but I did not see any more dolphins. All I saw was the white seat because that is where I was left to suffer.

Let's just say this is the last time I will be on a boat. I know there is medicine to prevent motion sickness, but as bad as I felt ,I am not going to take the risk.

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Beth said...

I love how your husband took pictures of you in your misery. I also love how the knees of your pants are wet...I can only assume that's from kneeling in front of the toilet! :)