Friday, November 23, 2007

Home Made Ornaments

My house will never make it in the Southern Living Magazine Christmas Issue, but I still think you can make a cute homemade Christmas tree. These are all ornaments that my kids and I have made over the years ( except the angel).

These are the pre-made ceramic ornament I painted a long time ago for my Mom, for a little tree she used to have. These would be cute to give to an elderly person to put on a small tree. Kids can paint these or use markers.
These are ornaments made for wire or pipe stem cleaners and beads.
These are wreathes. They could be decorated with ribbons.

Icicles and Candy Canes

This is a pre-cut wooden ornament colored with marker and glitter glue.

I think these small homemade tree makes a nice mantle piece or looks nice sitting on a small table.

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Pam said...

What a beautiful fireplace, made even more beautiful with the little tree on the mantle!