Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Have Been Trying to Save at Wal Green's

I have been reading blogs on how to save at CVS and Walgreen's. The CVS is to complicated for my small brain, but I have been trying Walgreen's. Today I spent $ 24.92 , but saved $23.01. I think that is pretty good. I used Walgreen's coupons and manufacturers coupons. I try to think,"Am I really saving over going to Walmart ?" But today I really feel like I saved some money. I only bought things I use and need . I am not good at working the system with buying things I do not need. I know other people get things for free, but I feel like I did a good job for me. Thanks for everyone's tips. Happy bargain hunting.


Beth said...

I'm going to attempt to save some money at Walgreens this week as well. We will see how it goes!

Pam said...

I went to Walgreens for the first time on Saturday, and I had planned out all the best deals. Unfortunately they were out of most of what I went there for. I still managed to buy $12 worth of stuff for $5. Today I went to Walmart and bought $17 worth of stuff for $9. This is all very time-consuming, but fun too!