Monday, November 12, 2007

Too Many Crafts, Too Many Posts ?

Have you ever had one of those weekends were everything you do, you seem to mess up ? That was me this weekend, I could not do 1 thing right. Could it be because I am doing to many crafts or spending to much time blogging. That is what my husband says.
It started off Saturday morning with picking up popcorn orders. I apparently totally ignored the e-mail with all the info about the pick-up ( and also my husband failed to mention to me). Fortunately that worked out because one of my friend's husband was nice enough to pick it up for me. But only after someone from the troop called and asked me about it, And I had to admit I knew nothing about it.
Next we handed out the popcorn. Of course I screwed that up too. I gave someone a light popcorn instead of an unbelievable flavored popcorn. And by the time I realized it, that person who received the wrong popcorn had already opened it and ate it. So now I have 1 person without popcorn. It looks like I will have to return the money and admit how stupid I am. Yeah Saturday is over, let see how I can screw up Sunday.
Sunday seemed o-kay until the end. Of course, another Boy Scout incident. I was outside when someone from the troop called, and ask my husband if we were going to the observatory with them. My husband says,"No, my wife e-mailed someone letting them know we were not coming." Well, I did not, I had forgotten . So then I called back to apologize and asked her to apologize to everyone who was waiting for us to show up. About now the Boy Scouts probably think I am a complete reject .
But Monday I saved the best for last. I was so proud of myself. I was thinking ahead and made an appointment to get our Christmas pictures done. I get up Monday, get the kids ready, and we head off to Wal-mart to get our pictures done (yes Wal-mart, I am cheap). We go to Wal-mart and there is no portrait studio. Of course, my husband was with me asking,"Did you ask where it was?" "No, not if I think I know where it is." And my 8 year old saying, "I tried to tell you there was no picture studio at this one." Oh shut up kid, what do you know. Apparently more than your mom. So we loaded back into the car. I started frantically calling all local Wal-mart"s to find out where I had made the appointment. I could not get anyone to answer their phones . So by some chance, I had Portrait Innovations # in my purse. I called and asked,"Do you have any appointment available today?" She says,"Yes, one at 10:45 ." I will take it, that was in 20 minutes. I am sure she is thinking, what will 4 kids, that got ready in 20 minutes look like? Oh well. We get there, and it is as good as it is going to get with 4 kids trying to get pictures. They never all look in the same direction with a good smiles on all of their faces at the same time.
Now, we have a birthday party at 1:00, in which I had not bought a card for. I buy that, change their clothes and off we go to the party, only about 10 minutes late. Not to bad .
The weekend does end on a good note, my 4 year old says to me, " You are the best mom I have ever had." That was good to hear after all my screw ups.
Sorry once again for my rambling, but that is what I do.


Beth said...

You make me laugh! Your husband is right! If you weren't always on the computer you wouldn't be screwing all this stuff up! :)

Pam said...



We all mess up, and the more you are involved in, the greater the chances of messing something up. There is always risk in doing things, but you just have to take those risks.

I know there is a pithy quote for this, but at the moment it is escaping me. No surprise there.

Honey+2B's said...

It's OK to have a few days like that, it makes life interesting! Besides, it gives you a good reason to get back on the computer!

Pampered Mom said...

You are tooo funny. I needed that after my weekend. It is good to know there is someone else out there having just as much trouble as me keeping things straight. And tell your husband if you did not blog somebody might be dead. HA HA!!