Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Zoo

We went to the North Carolina Zoo today. It was really fun for the kids. For me to see a bunch of animals in cages does not thrill me a whole lot. I could just sit home and watch Animal Planet. The animals all look depressed . I know zoos are supposed to be way for people to learn and appreciate animals but I still feel bad for them. Look at this sad animal.

He looks like he is in an animal shelter begging to be taken home.

One interesting thing was seeing an elk pee on his own neck. I think he was doing it to impress his girlfriends, but they all seem to walk away from him. They were not impressed with his cologne. Just like in humans, men just do not know what women like. The kids all did get a big kick out of it. And we all said we were glad we did not have to pee on ourselves to get a date.

The sea lions were really fun to watch.

Fortunately, nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Just the normal frantic start of trying to get the 4 kids dressed and fed, pack lunch, get the stroller, get the tickets, find the camera and binoculars, while my husband puts ice in the cooler. He can never understand why I get so upset when I have to do 100 things and he does 1 thing. Every time is the same. I suppose it will never change.
Anyway, the kids had a blast and I did not have to clean up any vomit. Not having any vomiting on a trip, makes it a successful one.

I took this picture. I just love it.

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Beth said...

I have the same problem. My husband always wonders why I get so frantic when we all try to leave the house. Could it be because I am trying to get the snacks, the water, the shoes, the coats, the books for the ride, etc., etc. while he is looking for his keys? But you are right. It's never going to change...mommies are always in charge of the "stuff"...just the way it is.

Great pictures! Glad you guys had fun!