Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paper Towel Roll Spider Print

This is an easy Halloween craft that is not too creepy.

You will need: Blue and black construction paper, white crayon, paper towel roll, black paint, paint brush and wiggly eyes.

With your white crayon draw a spider web on the blue paper.

Cut the paper towel roll end into eight sections.
Paint each section black.

Press painted paper towel roll down on spider web. To make sure the legs show up, press each section down with your finger.
Cut a circle for the body. Gluethe body in the center of the legs and glue on eyes.

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sandy said...

Very cute! I guess it's more spiders for us tomorrow. Thanks a lot for the great ideas!

teachingtinytots said...

super cute and i have plenty of htem laying around i just hate to throw them away and all! :) its the preschool teacher inside of me i guess!

we will be doing this craft

eetomost said...

awesome craft!