Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pre School Christmas Wreath Craft

Caity and I made this simple wreath today. It would be a great craft for a pre schooler or older.

Materials needed: Paper plate, scissors,red and green paint, paint brush , hole punch and a small bow.
Of course this craft can be modified in many way depending on what materials you have on hand.

Cut the center out of the paper plate.

Paint the plate green.
Allow to dry.
Paint red dots on the wreath for berries. Or you could cut out red circles from construction paper for the berries.
Punch a hole in the bottom.

Thread the bow through the hole.

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Melissa said...

Cute and very simple!

marci said...

I really enjoy all your crafty ideas. I love to do simple projects with my 3 year old. Thanks.

Sandra said...

What a great craft for the holidays :)

Jaina said...

I've got something similar to this from when I was younger. :)

Dee Light said...

My oldest made a wreath just like this when she was 5 she's 11 now and I still love it.

Jamie said...

That is so cute! I love it!