Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Simple Christmas Tree Candy Dish

The girls and I made this Christmas tree candy dish. It was so simple and only took a few items I already had around the house.

Materials used: Small paper plate, plastic cup, paint , brush, beads, hole punch, 8 chenille stems, glue, yellow construction paper, and scissors.

Punch 8 holes around the paper plate.
Paint the plate and allow to dry.

We strung 8 beads on each chenille stem.

Wrap the chenille stem around each hole in the plate.

Bring all the chenille stems together at the top. I twisted a small piece of chenille stem around all 8.
Cut out star and glue to the top.
Glue cup to the bottom of the plate.

Add candy.

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Jaina said...

You seriously come up with the best things!

Heather said...

That is so pretty! Did you come up with it? If so, you need to start a magazine and sell subscriptions.