Friday, January 2, 2009

Paper Bag Polar Bear Craft

The kids and I were fooling around with a polar bear craft and this is what we came up with. I think he turned out too cute.

We used: 2 white paper bags, plastic grocery bags or newspaper for the bear's stuffing, 4 toilet paper rolls, 2 pieces of white paper and 1 piece of black paper, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, 1 twisty tie, and craft glue.

Stuff the 2 paper bags.
Stuff the bag that is going to be the body 3/4 full.
The bag for the head only stuff about a 1/3 full.

The head bag close off with the twisty tie, and cut off access bag.
Remember the polar bear has a pointy face.

Close the body with you hands and the spread out the top to make a circle. Glue the bottom of the head bag, to the opening of the body.

I hope that part was not too confusing.

Decorate the face. 2 cotton balls for the ears and wiggly eyes.

For the nose, I cut a half circle out of black paper and glued it on to the point of the bag. I folded the top over, just a little.

Wrap 4 toilet paper rolls with white paper.

Cut 4 slits in the rolls making tags.

Fold the tags out and glue on to the polar bear's body.

We covered the body and legs with cotton balls.

The kids love the polar bear, he looks like a stuffed animal.
I also think this would be great for a school project.

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Ashley said...

Aww! It's cute!

Lisa said...

What a great idea! We'll definately have to try it. I'll try to find a polar bear book to go with it! We have done many of your crafts. Thanks for the inspiration.

jk said...

This is super cute!! I (an dmy kids!) also thank you for all your fun and creative ideas!

T Lyn said...

He is darling. I think I may have to make those with my special needs class. Thanks for the wonderful post... Too cute.

Nadine said...

I LOVE that polar bear! It is so cute. I'm going to make it with Monkey!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

That polar bear is my favorite craft of yours ever. That is just seriously cute Jenn!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!

Karin Katherine said...

Wow, that is the BEST Polar Bear craft. Great job!

Julie said...

Wow. That is super cute. I am going to use this craft since she needs to make a model polar bear.

123 123 said...
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Candace @Naturally Educational said...

Wow--this looks great and it seems like it was fun to make!

I shared this on my site's facebook page.