Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slime !!!

This week in my preschool class, we are having creepy crawly week. My kids had a blast today. I had gone to the Dollar Tree and bought 6 or 7 bags of bugs, spiders, lizards, snakes, you know creepy things, and I put them in the rice table. They loved picking and digging out all those creepy things.

Next, I made each child a container of his ( I am not being sexist, my whole class is nothing but boys ) own slime with bugs in it. They loved the slimy feel and the bugs.

Of course, if I do something cool for my class, I have to do it for my kids at home. So I made an extra batch for them and they used it like Play Dough and it was very cool.

I have used different recipes for slime but I really like this one at

Here's the recipe:

Stir 1/8 cup borax into 500 ml warm water. It's okay if some borax remains undissolved. Allow solution to cool to room temperature.
In a separate container, stir 2 spoonfuls of glue into 3 spoonfuls of water. White glue will give you opaque snot (more booger than snot); glue gel will produce you translucent slimy snot.
Stir a couple of drops of food coloring into the glue mixture.
Add a spoonful of the borax solution to the glue mixture. Stir (if in a bowl) or squish (if in a baggie).
Have fun with your snot!
Elmer's glue is a non-toxic, water-based white glue or a non-toxic blue or clear gel. Another brand may be substituted.
A little yellow food coloring could be added for that extra sickly touch.
Don't eat or inhale the snot. Borax isn't particularly toxic, but isn't good for you either.
Borax is found in the household cleaner or laundry section of the store. It's commonly used as a detergent booster.
Wash your hands after playing with your snot.
What You Need:
Borax Powder
Elmer's Glue
Food Coloring
Measuring Cups
Baggies or Bowls

In the top picture, Cheyanne used my potato masher and here she is using a cookie cutter. Colton and Cheyanne used almost every cooking utensil I have on this slime. There is going to be a lot of extra dish washing tonight.
Then we added the bugs.

They left some cool prints.

This slime has kept my class and kids at home really occupied.

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sandy said...

I love this kind of stuff and it's always a big hit with the kids!

Mari said...

I made that for my kids when they were young too. They loved it. I bet you are a favorite preschool teacher with all the fun things you come up with!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

You are one awesome preschool teacher!

BranFlakes said...

It's hysterical that you call it snot! We made a slightly different recipe of this recently and Lyssy calls it ooey gooey.

Heather said...

I am with Beth! you are an awesome preschool teacher and mother too!
I am glad you posted this. It wasn't too long ago I was thinking "slime for the boys"

Astrid said...

Now that looks like Fun! (with the capital F). We'll have to try making this!

Amanda said...

I liked playing with the slime too!

~Bobbi~ said...

How fun! She looks like she's having a great time!

Gabi said...

Hi, I´m from Austria (Europa) and my English is not the best...but I have a question to your recipe: you wrote"add a spoonful of the borax solution to the glue mixture and stir" but what should I do with the rest of the borax solution? I think, if I stir 1/8 cup borax into 500ml water it would be more than a spoonful ?
Thank you for your answer! I love to look on your blog every day. Here in Austria I´m a teacher in a primary school and I have made some of your projects with my children there.

jennwa said...

There is a lot of that left over. I made a few batches of slime and I ended up throwing out the rest of the Borax solution. It was a lot to throw out but it was what the recipe called for. Borax is not expensive, so I did not mind the waste.
That was a good question and I should have mentioned there was a lot left over.

Gabi said...

Thank you for your answer!
Maybe I try to make only the half of it (1/16 cup and 250 ml), if this is possible.
It was not because of the price, I just thought of the proportions (do you say so in English?)
Thank you for sharing your ideas and creative work with us all around the world.....