Friday, February 27, 2009

We Made It ! Showcase Saturday

Yeah the weekend is here, let's see what you all have made this week. I can not wait to check out all the projects you guys did with you kids.

If you are new to Showcase Saturday, this is where you link below any fun craft projects you did this week.

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ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

It's always fun to peek into what others are doings. Thanks for the fun.

The Rowe Crew said...

Thanks as always! We used one of your ideas this week and it was a huge success!

Anonymous said...

I love visiting your site and seeing all the wonderful projects you do! One question: Where do you keep all of the finished projects? My son is almost 3, and we make a lot of crafts & such, but I'm never sure whether to save them, throw them away, or what. Any ideas? Thanks.

Jolleen K.

jennwa said...

Someone else asked me this and I do not have any great ideas.

Having 4 kids I can not possibly save all of their art projects. That is one reason why I started the blog.I can save the projects on line and not in my house. My kids know that I do not save very many projects. I display them for a while (on the refrigerator, picture frames,ect), and then 90% of them go into the trash. I do save any project that has my kid's pictures on them. And for some reason, I do save a lot of our Christmas project, but everything else goes.

I do not have any great ideas about saving projects. Oprah had a show about saving kid's art project. Her guest suggested taking pictures of the projects and then make a book from snapfish with the pictures.

I am sorry I am not much help, but thanks for the question and thanks for coming to my blog.