Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hold Water Upside Down !!!!!

Here is an easy experiment you can do with any age child. It is a good experiment to discuss air pressure and gravity. Or you can act like it is a magic trick.

You will need: Large bowl of water, food coloring, plastic tumbler and a thick smooth, shiny flat piece of cardboard.

Fill the bowl full of water and mix in food coloring.
Place plastic tumbler completely under water. Tap out any air bubbles. If any air is in the cup, it will not work.

I just like this picture of Peter.

While the cup is under the water and the bottom up, slide cardboard against the rim of the cup.

Slowly lift up the cup and cardbord. Now carefully take your hand off the cardboard. Ta-Da !!! The cardboard is
Remember science experiments do not always works out the first time, so make sure your are in an area you do not care that it gets wet.

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Jaina said...

How fun! I've heard stories of people do this in restaurants...turning the glass upside down on the table and then removing the paper or whatever. Not a very nice trick. I like the idea of using food coloring. :)

het lieveheersbeestje said...

This is such a lovely trick! We always do it in the bath!

Rachel said...

CUTE!! what a fun trick ;-)love the picture tutorial, too!