Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Pond- Turtle- Part III

Here is the third part of Colton's Summer Pond. Colton made a turtle. What I like most about this project is , that it can be done on so many ways, and it still comes out great.
We went the simple route and used Markers, small paper plate, construction paper, scissors, glue and wiggly eyes.
For the shell, you could also paint it, or use small pieces of brown and green paper glue on to the plate.

Colton put a beak like thing on the mouth to make it a snapping turtle.

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pucktricks said...

I love reading your blog and gave you an award over at mine. You have so many fun craft ideas. Thank you for hosting the craft link carnival.

Miller Moments said...

I just LOVE the turtle. He's adorable. BTW, you are going to be my featured blog on Friday. Just a little shout out to a Blog that is think is totally WOW. :)

DairyQueen said...

I just love this little series! We are going to do a pond theme soon ~ I'll be using these ideas for sure!