Monday, August 3, 2009

My life is a Staycation

While at the beach, lounging by the pool, I was reading Ladies' Home Journal. There was an article titled, "Staycation."

I told my husband," Look we could have a Staycation !"

He said," Your life is a staycation. "

I said,"Yeah right."

As I read the article I found out he was right.

Their ideas for a staycation are:

1. Tap the natural resources:

We have visited Pilot Mountain

and Stone Mountain

2. Explore the Art Scene:
Not quite the Art Scene but the Science Center has Pictures. I think that counts.

3. Camp out in your own back yard.
I leave most of the camping to my husband. Although, I have been my share of times.
4. Swim with friends.
I live at the pool with my kids and my BFF Beth.

5. Catch a Cheap flick.
Our local coffee shop has free movies every Tuesday.
Guess where we are on Tuesday mornings ?
6. Raise a glass. Once a again I have been to our local winery for a tour and wine tasting.
I guess my husband was right, my life is a staycation. I know this is a good thing, but I do feel a little guilty.
Is your life a staycation?

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Jean said...

I'm not quite there but I should start soon!!! Oldest is 4 and "staycation" is about half of good homeschooling. Hertiage Carsol (horse merrygoround). Local zoo. Science center. History Living Farm. Arborum (trees and prarie). Master Gardener tours. Art store (where you get art supplies). Pet stores. Store where you paint own potteries and they fire it for you. Homedepot, first saturday of month have woodwork craft class for kids. Oh yes, there are so many interesting things around you if you know how to look! One of my recent disappointments was not seeing Warren Buffet in person at grand opening of newly expanded furniture store nearby. That's because I have to stay home for repairman to check out washing machine problem.

Astrid said...

Love it!

Yes, I think my life qualifies for Stay-cation...


I'm always searching for new and interesting places around here. Sometimes those places end up a fair drive from our house but it's fun to see something new!

Jill said...

Lucky. Your life totally sounds like fun!

Melissa said...

My life totally qualifies as a staycation. We've hit just about every local historical/art/music venue there is, as well as the events that are offered. Oh well, I guess it's still fun to do stuff, even when you're not out of town!

Ticia said...

I'm right there with you.

Miller Moments said...

Even at my ripe old age I've just learned a new word "staycation". I love it! And I'm right there with you....we have definitely done most things on that list.

Sarah said...

My life is a combination! We do a lot of stuff when we are at home but we are also big on travel.

Katherine and David said...

How funny...I drove by Pilot Mtn on my way home tonight...we must be close!

Livin' out loud said...

LOVE it!!!!

Staci said...

I live in Utah and we went to Stone Mountain in GA this summer. I was visiting family. That is a small world. I blogged about going to a St. MT. type of place for a family reunion. That's what we did.

Check it out on my blog.

Take care, Staci