Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"A" for Apple Tree

I know everyone has done "A" for apple, but apple printing is so much fun.

We used: construction paper, an apple, red paint, glue, scissors and a knife.

I cut out the letter "A" from green construction paper.
Cheyanne printed with half of an apple.

I cut out a truck and Cheyanne glued it to the "A".

Of course we had to keep printing with the apple.

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sandy said...

We love apple prints! Great idea!

Miller Moments said...

I love this! You can never have too many apple tree projects in the fall.

Lisa Anne said...

I see people blogging about this all the time. i' have yet to try it, only because I love apples so much, I'd rather eat them then play with them.

That and Momma always said to never play with your food. lol

Sherry said...

Apple print are great! Love her apple tree!

Susana said...

What a super letter "Aa" idea!! I love this!

Kristin Young said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE your letter ideas. I will be using...pretty much all of them...at the beginning of next year with my kindergarteners!! :)