Monday, October 5, 2009

Preschool Fire Safety Craft

Here is a simple craft preschooler can do for fire safety week.

We used: A large piece of white paper, tissue paper (red,orange and yellow cut into small pieces), scissors and glue.
Cut the white paper into a fire shape.

Glue on the tissue paper.

Then ask the child to tell you something they learned about fires. Cheyanne said," Fireman put out fires."

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Annie said...

Cute project!! Somehow you're following right along with my son's preschool class. They did apples when you posted about apples and this week they're doing fire safety. This is great! :-)

Rebecca said...

Im doing fire safety soon and i think i will use this idea- thanks!

Kyle said...

this is a really nice topic in the paintings which crafted by small childs to aware people about the topic fire safety and to know about the fire safety weak...........