Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Advent Chain

This advent chain is some thing we do every year at Christmas. My kids love ripping a link off everyday until Christmas comes.

This year I added a great poem that reminds us the true reason for Christmas.

We used: Construction paper, scissors, pen and a stapler.

I cut out a star for the top and 24 paper strips. Colton made a 24 link chain.

Here is the poem I placed on the star:

One Christmas night, so long ago.

A star shone down so all would know

That in a manger, on that night.

A savior was born, our guiding light!

Now Christmas time is almost here

A very special time of year.

When everyone anticipates

That night we can celebrate!

As you remove a link each night

Remember the star that shone so bright

And told the world of Jesus' birth

The Son of God, here on earth!

Now hang it up and starting Dec 1 remove a link a day.

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Our Family said...

I love that idea! I also love the poem and how it keeps the focus on the birth of Christ, not Santa! Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

So cute! I might make one of those this year, not that Dawson will know what it's for, but I'm sure he'll like looking at it and helping me tear a piece off everyday. :-D I love the poem, too!