Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Mitten by Jan Brett for Toddlers

In my Toddler's class we read,"The Mitten" by Jan Brett. Because these kids are so young, they need to do very simple projects. Here are some ideas we did.

I cut out mitten shapes from paper and they decorated them with buttons and large sequence. Pom-poms would also work nicely.

I put some shaving cream on some paper to look like snow and let the kids finger paint with it. Some really love this, and other do not like to get their hands messy, but it is always fun to watch their reaction.

The kids painted white on a black piece of paper. The little ones love to paint.
After the paint dried, I cut the paper into the shape of mittens. Some large and some small, depending on the amount they painted.

We did not make this this year, but I thought this project would also work with this book. I painted the mittens and made their hand prints inside the mittens.

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A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Love these ideas!!! I have a home daycare and these are super ideas!!!!

Amanda said...

These are really cute ideas. Those are some lucky kids! :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sweet idea! Kids love getting messy.

Mel said...

Nice ideas! I made a felt mitten and laminated animals. My daughter put the animals in the story as we read it. Love Jan Brett and that she shares her printables!

Wonder Mom said...

I am looking at your site almost daily fro inspiration, so I am giving you an award!

(Just from your blog's name ALONE, you deserve this award!)

Check it out...

Anonymous said...

I have been using your site a lot for my library story times. Thanks for all your great ideas!