Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Growing Herbs and Recycling

Here is a fun and inexpensive way to grow herbs.

My kids love planting things, unfortunately for them, they have a mom with a brown thumb. But we try anyway.

We used: clean cans (from canned vegetables), soil, herb seed, scrapbook paper, glue and craft sticks.

We are going to grow basil, thyme, parsley and rosemary.

Glue on the paper to the can and make plant sticks to identify the herbs.
Put soil in the cans. Add seeds, follow the planting instructions on the package.

Place near a sunny window and wait for your herbs garden to grow.

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Mady and Jacks Mama said...

I have a question. Have you planted herbs before? I have great luck getting them to sprout, but it is like they wither after a certain point. They grow long thin tall sprouts and then die! I never get to the sturdier, heartier plants that would actually render usable herbs. Any suggestions?

jennwa said...

Each herb has different directions.
Parsley says to transfer outside when a few inches tall.

Thyme says to transfer at 8 inches tall.

Rosemary at 6 inches tall.

Basil at 2 inches tall.

So my best advise is to read what the packet says.

I will let you guys know how it works out.

Catherine said...

Such a cute idea! :)

Michelle said...

I love this idea, I can't wait to get my herb garden growing!

Patty said...

This idea is great, I can't wait to try it with my kids!

artsy_momma said...

Totally cute!

Cindy said...

How clever! I'll have to do this with my 4th graders.