Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bottle Cap Bracelets

Caity saw these bracelets in a Justice catalog and said how much she liked them. Of course being the crafty and cheap (more of the second one),I said, "We can make those."

So after Dad drank a beer, we scooped up his bottle cap and got to work.
There are so many different supplies you could use to make these, but this is what we used:

Bottle cap, glue stick, glue gun, large elastic pony tail holders and a small picture from a magazine or catalog.
We traced the bottle cap circle around a picture and cut it out. Used the glue stick to glue the picture in the cap.

Then hot glued the pony tail holders to the back of the bottle cap.

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

So cute! It turned out great!

Christy said...

It came out great. I can only imagine how much they charge for those!

Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... said...

You can get a bunch at the local wine kit store
It looks great though!
Fun activity for tweens and teens

Anonymous said...

You can also get a magnet glue it to the elastic band and trade out different bottle caps