Friday, December 3, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

I made this cute Christmas tree today. It is super easy and can be made with many different materials.

I used a Styrofoam cone (from the Dollar Tree) and fluffy yarn (I do not know it's "Real" name.)

You could use regular yarn , metallic yarn or mini bead garland.
I decorated with pom-poms but beads would work well also. For the topper I twisted a paper clip and pushed it into the cone.

I think this would also be cute if you cut some of the bottom of the cone off (about 1/2 way) and used it for a place card holder.

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amber.hope said...

Not positive but I think its called eyelash yarn. Cute tree btw it reminds me of whoville!

M for Short said...

This is a fantastic idea: inexpensive and simple for little hands. Did I also mention adorable?!?