Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This Weeks Menu- Make Ahead Recipes

Now that football and cheer leading are in full swing, it is hard to get off work and prepare a fast and healthy dinner. As much as I love my Crock Pot, there are only so many meals I can make with that.
So I have started prepping meals on the weekend, so I can just pop them in the oven, eat and go.

It is a huge time saver and prevents us from having to grab a meal at the fast food restaurants.

I am not a huge fan cooking  Sunday, but during the week I never regret having these meals on hand.

This weeks MENU:

MONDAY:    Santa Fe Chicken Casserole   Recipe 

I omitted green onions and added pepper jack cheese.  I pre cooked the chicken in the Crock Pot.

TUESDAY : Stuffed shells (I made 2 pans, 1 to eat and 1 to freeze)   Recipe  Serve with bread and a salad

WEDNESDAY: No practice.  Pork chops.  I will be home to cook and the kids will be home to eat.

THURSDAY: Chicken Pot Pie  ( I made 2 pies, we will eat both in 1 night, YUM)  Recipe.  pre cooked chicken also in  the Crock Pot

FRIDAY: No Practice     Nachos     with ground beef I pre cooked.

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