Friday, October 12, 2007


I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!!! There I said it. I know there is a lot of people who have a problem with Halloween and I respect their opinion. But I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!! I love candy, I love costumes, I love the decorations, I love pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, witches and all the creepy things that go along with Halloween. Did I mention I love candy (chocolate). My house looks like a Family Fun magazine gone bad. But I do not care, I love it.
My kids love making all the fun crafts and all the creepy food. It is the only time of year I can say, "Yes, the food is suppose to look yucky."
My oldest son will probably grow up to hate Halloween because his birthday is in the middle of October and I always talk him into a Halloween Party. In the end he always loves it, but he always starts out with I don't know maybe we can do something different this year. Silly boy, what is he thinking. But really in the end he always loves it.
For me Halloween is a time to be silly and have fun without all the craziness of a big meal or relatives coming or buying presents. We all enjoy scary movies (even if right now it is just Scooby Doo) and dressing up and looking at all the Halloween decorations.
Halloween for me growing up was a fun time of year and I hope to pass that happiness along to my kids.


Beth said...

We enjoy Halloween too! My kids love it and look forward to it all year long.

My kids keep pestering me to put up yard decorations but I'm not sure about that. For now we will enjoy other people's "yard art"!

Peter and Sarah get excited about dressing up and I look forward to seeing them look so cute in their costumes!

And of course, who doesn't like candy???

Pam said...

Well, you know my position on this, but I just wanted to say that I love your enthusiasm!