Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Won !!!

Yippee, I won something. I never win anything. I am so excited.
On Saturday, I went to a Pampered Chef open house party with my friend Beth. We ate great food and purchased a few things. I had fun, but did not think any more of it. Then, last night the Pampered Chef consultant, Page Crater, called me and said I won the hostage package. That included $40 of product, another product 1/2 off and 20 % off anymore purchases. I am so excited because I am going to get the truffle bowl I wanted, but couldn't justify getting it on Saturday. We just had Cody's birthday and then Christmas coming up. I can envision all the wonderful things I am going to do with it. For Thanksgiving, I am going to fill it with little pumpkins, Christmas
I am going to fill it with Christmas balls and Easter I am going to fill it with Easter eggs. I may even make a truffle or 2 in it, with angel food cake and pudding or Oreos. It is going to look so pretty on my table.
I am also going to get the deep covered baker. I am going to roast chicken, pork lion and ribs. I am even going to make casseroles in it. I am so excited.
Thank you, Page !!!!!!!!

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