Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Cheapness Even Amazes Me

Saturday was my children's fall festival at their school. And as usual, I think, Uhhh, how much is this going to cost me? Don't get me wrong , I want my children to have new experiences and have fun, but that fun usually comes at a high price.
So, as I was looking at the flier and seeing all the fun activities they had planned, I noticed one of them was face painting. My kids love face painting. I hate face painting. It requires standing in line and paying for it, when I know, I can do that. So I say "Hey, kids do you want Mommy to paint your face?" They of course say "Yessss!"
So an hour and a hundred" hold stills and don't moves" later, we are done. The kids love it and think I saved some $.
But when I get there, the face painting is really face markering (they are using some kind of maker to draw on the kids faces.) So, did I really save money ?
Probably not, it would have cost 50 cents per kid ($2) and about 2 minutes each. Instead, I spent over an hour painting their faces and telling them to hold still . So, I felt dumb with their faces all over done, while all the other kids, just had marker drawn on their faces. To make matters even more embarrassing, people were asking me "Where did they get that done?" I replied " Oh I did it myself." You know those people are saying "Why?" BECAUSE I AM CHEAP AND I WANTED TO SAVE $2 AND WASTE AN HOUR OF MY TIME. (I know the kids really would have just been as happy with the marker. They can not quite appreciate mommy's time and art abilities yet (the little that I have).)
Next time, I will just waste the $2 and save the embarrassment of people thinking I am just trying to show off my face painting abilities. No people I am just cheap!!

O.K. That was my first real blog posting. I did not realize it would come with such pressure. Make sure everything is spelled correctly. Is it interesting? Will anyone care? Will it sound dumb? Oh no


Beth said...

I love your cheapness and I love your first real blog post! But most of all I love how sullen and depressed your kids look in the photographs! Ha! It must be from standing still so long and being yelled at by Mommy to "hold still"!

Pam said...

Now, I'm cheap, but I hadn't thought of that one, LOL! Live and learn! You do know that blogger has a spell checker, right? It will take some of the pressure off. BTW, I didn't see an misspellings! Great post, keep it up!