Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Saturday Morning, Not So Special Moment

This post is for people who think everyone else life is grand and theirs is the only ones with sucky moments.
This morning started out good. I got the kids ready to go to a few garage sales and then to Wal- Mart to do some grocery shopping. We went to about 4 garage sale, and did find some good stuff for all of us. Then, on our way to Wal-Mart, I hear Caity saying to Cody, " You know, if you keep reading that book, you are going to get car sick." Of course no response from Cody.
Then, about 3 minutes later I hear," I am not feeling so well." "Blah." " Mom Cody threw up."
I say, "Okay, hold on."
Then we pull in to the parking spot and stop. Cody then again says," Mom, I am going to throw up" and does. Why he does not open up the door and throw up outside is beyond me? I know he is 8, but I can assure you this is only 1 of many vomiting instances in the car. He has definitely been through the drill enough times.
Anyway, he has a lap full of vomit, and says,"What am I going to do now." Of course , I have no towels in the car. They were not replaced from the last vomiting incident (yes, my fault.)
So, Cody gets out and vomit plops in the parking lot space (too bad for the next person to step of of their car.) But do not worry there is plenty in my car too. Of course, he is blaming the chicken spaghetti I made last night, that he only took 1/2 bite of . Not the fact he was reading in the car. Yes, I am glad he likes to read, but not in the car. Next, the poor boy has to remove his shirt and shorts in the parking lot and run back in the car.
I have to shake out as much vomit as I can, before putting the clothes back in the car. So now, I am looking around hoping to see someone I know. So that I can ask them to watch the kids, while the run in and buy him a cheap outfit. Of coarse, I don't. Any other embarrassing moment I would see 3 people I know. This time, I just see some guy sitting in his truck, laughing at us.
So, we have to go home with underwear boy in the car. No trip to Wal-Mart. Better luck tomorrow.
The good thing to come out of this was I did wash and vacuum my car. The car desperately needed both.


Beth said...

He blamed the chicken spaghetti?! Is he insane?? I hope the rest of your family liked it!

Sorry you had to deal with the vomit! Yuck! At least now your car is clean though!

Can you let me know where you parked because I'm heading to Wal-Mart tomorrow.

Pam said...

I guess I should look before I leap out of the car!

I was laughing while I read this one because I could totally relate.

I bet that while you were going through it, you were saying, "Well, at least this will be blog-worthy!"

Honey said...

This made me think of when I was in HS and a girl puked in front of everyone right before we went into class, I know she was so embarassed, poor thing, it was so gross...Poor Cody, I bet he hated that and I'm sorry you had to clean it. I'm sure this will happen to me someday, I only hope Alan is there so I can make him clean it :)