Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday's Moments I Like To Remember

First, I was in Wal-Mart today (yes, I made it), and a lady in line said" I don't know how you do it with 4kids, it is hard enough with my 2. I was just thinking, some days I don't make it, like yesterday.

Second, I wanted to remember how cute Cheyanne looked in this dress.

Third, I love how Cheyanne thinks her bike with training wheels must be turned on it's side. You see my oldes,t is in to much of a hurry to use his kick stand and my 2 middle kids do not have kick stands, so their bikes just goes on their sides. Cheyanne's bike does stand up by itself because of the training wheels .But because she sees everyone else's bike on their sides, she thinks that is how bikes are suppose to go.

Forth, I know this is crude, but I thought it was funny. You need to understand that my husband is a veterinarian. This lady came into his office on Friday and seriously asks him why her dogs butt stinks. Can you believe that? Uhhhh, Why do you think? Maybe that is where poop comes out. I am sorry, but sometimes I find some people so funny.


Beth said...

Cheyanne looks adorable in that dress. But I think her bike on its side is even cuter!

Perhaps I should ask Dr. Morgan why my kid's rear ends stink??

Hmmmm...I have no idea...

Honey said...

Why was that woman smelling the dog's butt? You'd think she would know better, but I guess NOT! EW!

Beth, I dare you to ask Dr. Morgan!!! haha!