Friday, October 12, 2007

The See Saw

This weekend my husband built my children a see saw. The idea came from when we went to the rain gutter regatta on Saturday, the people hosting it had one. The kids all loved it. Children of all ages were on it. So, on Sunday my husband said," I can build one." And so he did. The kids were very excited and love the idea of getting one. And let me just say, my husband did a great job and I know he was trying to do a good thing. But now, every see saw riding session, ends with some one in tears.This is not fair. There were a ton of kids, including mine on those other people's see saw and NO ONE cried, not once in 5 hours.

Here is a picture of the see saw moments before tears were about to erupt:

1 comment:

Beth said...

This post made me laugh!

Unfortunately as we were pulling out this afternoon Emma was in tears because of the seesaw.

Wonder what's up with the seesaw?
Does it just need a good sanding?

Now Quinn has an excuse to go to Home Depot this weekend and buy a super duper sander...but wait! He probably already has one!!