Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sleeping Late ?

Am I the only one who when gets a chance to sleep in, and it gets ruined by something ? I was so excited the kids were off school today, and we would get a chance to sleep in. I let the kids stay up late last night in the hopes they would at least sleep a little later this morning. I normally get up around 6:45, I was hoping I could sleep to at least 7:30.
Does it happen? "Oh No." My little dog, Bob, decides to run in my room, jump up in my bed at 5:45. He gets in the bed, goes under the covers and goes back to sleep. While I lay there realizing my back aches and I can not go back to sleep.
I try to make the best of my time, it isn't like I can get up and do a lot of things around the house, like cleaning. That would just wake everyone else up in the house. So, I go downstairs and work out and watch my recorded show, "The Biggest Loser" (I love that show, I am not quite sure why, but I do.)

At least, Bob was comfortable and he will be well rested for today.
Have a good day, Bob !!!!

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Beth said...

I know why you like the Biggest feel super skinny when you watch it. And you probably feel even skinner when you watch it while working out.

If you get too skinny, I can't be your friend any more. Only kidding.

Last night I was reaching for some candy and thought about how much you weigh and put it back. Bleh!