Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Kids Remember

Be careful what you do, for your kids will remember it for a long time.
Tonight, before bed, our family was talking about things burning.
My son, Cody says,"I know plates burn because Mom burned that bear plate."
What he was referring to, was an incident that occurred over 2 years ago. One morning, apparently I was still asleep while I was preparing my kids breakfast. I was fixing frozen waffles. I put 2 waffles on a plastic bear plate, and stuck it in the toaster oven and cooked them. I guess I was in auto mode, thinking they were going in the microwave. Anyway, the plate melted all in the toaster oven, and the kids thought it was funny, how mommy messed up.
So even when your kids are small, it is possible for them to remember your stupid moments for a long time.


Beth said...

Ha! Maybe I should ask Cody for more funny and embarassing stories about you!!

Honey said...

Oh no!! I'm in trouble...