Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wish Me Luck !!!!

Tomorrow is my son's "friend" birthday party. It is our first sleepover. Eleven kids are spending the night. (What was I thinking?)
Anyway, I thought I would write out my plans tonight, and then Saturday see how they panned out.
So far, I have gotten most things prepared.
We are planning on having pizza and an ice cream cake. The only thing is the ice cream cakes was suppose to be in the shape of a jack o lantern, but it is rectangular (Spookly,the square pumpkin?) Second, I didn't really have the right colors of food coloring, so the color is not exactly orange. I thought it was pretty close, but of course my 4 year old told me it looked pink. I could not take pictures of the 2 cakes because they were melting. I will have pictures Saturday. But that is okay if they are not the perfect color, because I know the cake will taste great. That is all that counts (I hope).
I have my pinata stuffed, and I have 2 crafts for the kids to do. The house is decorated. The movies are picked out. So, tomorrow I need to clean and fix muffins for Saturday's breakfast.
I think that is everything. My husband says I worry to much about birthday parties, but I want things to go smoothly and the kids to have fun. And mostly I do not want the kids to see me melt down if the party is a flop.
Wish me luck !!!


Beth said...

Sounds like a fun party...I know my kids can't wait to go!

Honey said...

Good luck! I'm sure the party will be a success and that the kids will have a blast! Can't wait to see pictures!