Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Toilet Paper Roll Craft

You know it can not be a holiday at my house without a craft involving a toilet paper roll. It is sad, the other day a friend's Mom told me that every time she throws away a toilet paper roll she thinks of me. I am not sure if that is good or bad.

The first craft is a toilet paper roll New Years horn:
  • You will need a toilet paper roll, wax paper, rubber band, glue and construction paper.
Cut the construction paper to fit around the roll and decorate. Glue on the construction paper. Next cut a piece of wax paper and rubber band it around one end.

Then with a pencil poke a few holes into the wax paper. Blow or hum into the open end to make sound.

I thought this was a kind of dumb craft but my kids really enjoyed playing with them.

This next craft can be a confetti holder (I am sorry, I can not even conceive the idea of confetti in my house), surprise (like candy or a little toy) holder or use it for a game.

Fill the roll with confetti, candy or a little toy. Take a toilet paper roll wrap it with tissue paper and tie the ends with a ribbon.

A game you can play is sort of like hot potato. Play music and when ever the music stops whoever is left holding it, leaves the game. At the end whoever does not have it wins the game and the roll with the surprise in it. I have played this at a Christmas party a few years ago and the kids love it.
I hope everyone has a Fun and Safe New Years!!!!!!


MamaGeek said...

Hi Jenna, it's me (WFM), I just changed my profile name. I hope you and your fam had an awesome Christmas.

I'm not sure which I like more the craft itself, or the fact that she thinks of you at the sight of a TP roll! :)

Beth said...

We are on our way home!! Got a late start. We overslept and it is snowing so we are having to drive slow. Should be in Va. late. No parties for us tonight!

Melissa said...

Cute, and I love that friend's mom thinks of you when throwing away a toliet paper holder. That is hysterical!!