Monday, May 19, 2008

Inch Worm Craft for Kids

These are cute little critters my kids had a great time making. I am sorryfor how the writing is alloff on this post. I can not seem to correct it. It keeps bunching up my pictures.

You will need : foam sheets, pipe stem cleaners, pom-poms, glue, scissors,wiggly eyes, and a hole puncher.

Cut the foam sheet into a strip. Fold it back and forth in equal sections accordion style. Punch holes through the foam sheet, my hole punch did two pieces at a time.

This is what it should look like after punching the holes.

Have the kids thread the pipe stem cleaner through the holes. Fold pipe stem cleaner on each end to keep the foam pieces folded. Cut off ends as needed.

Glue on pom-poms to one end and decorate with a face.

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Family O'Foxes said...

oh my gosh, those are too cute!!!
I'm still amazed by all the crafts you do with your kids!
You are an awesome Mom!

Andrea said...

Awww...SO cute! :)

Melissa said...

Too cute! You never cease to amaze me!

Brittany said...

Oh! I think these might be one of my favorites!!! :) Cute!

Sheila said...

Very bright and cheery!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Cute

Renee' said...

These are just too adorable!

Beth said...

I may actually be able to do this one! It looks cute, simple and non-messy! Right up my alley!

Marisa @ getting Back To Basics said...

Cute...I'm doing worms now with my home daycare kiddies and this in on craft I know they will love. Thanks!