Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Octopus Hat Craft

I love the beach, so any beach inspired craft is totally for me. This is a fun craft that looks cute sitting on a self or you can attach a hanger and hang it from a door knob or on a window.

You will need: a small craft hat (you can find them at any craft store), foam sheets, wiggly eyes, paint , paint brush, glue, scissors, and a hole punch (optional). Also small decoration like sea shells are cute.

First have the kids paint the hat, while you cut out legs, smile, and circles for the legs (for small circles I used the hole punch).

I always try to get all the pieces that need to be glues together. Them let them glue the pieces on.

This is Colton's, he put the sea shell on the octopus' head for a hat.

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Family O'Foxes said...

wow, won't you be fashionable wearing this to the beach. hee hee!

Jennifer said...

i love all these ideas. i can certainly use them now that preschool is over and i have to keep the kids occupied. i also love the toast idea!~

E and T said...

A beach inspired theme - I love it. It could be a great way to introduce kids to (or reinforce) creatures from the sea.

They sure do look like some of the best looking octopus I have ever seen. Your children did a great job.


4funboys said...

very cute!

This would be fun to do with my first graders! They'd love it!

Beth said...

Very cute!!

Nap Warden said...

Actually, this is one of my favorites!

Michelle said...

Hi Jenn what an awesome craft that is..thanks for the well wishes for McKenna ;-)have a great week..