Monday, July 28, 2008

Snake Craft

This is an easy craft that all my children enjoyed doing. I love crafts that are for all different age groups.
You: will need: Foam sheet or construction paper, markers, paper plate, ribbon or string, scissors, glue and hole punch. wiggley eyes optional.

Trace the paper plate on to the foam or construction paper. Cut out the circle.

Draw a spiral shape and cut on the line.

Cut a rounded end for the head of the snake.

Decorate. You can use markers or stickers.

Cut out a tongue

Glue on eyes and tongue. Punch a hole on the tail and tie a string.

This is Colton's.

This is Cheyanne's.

This is Cody's

This is Caity's.

You can hang them. It would also make a good party decoration.

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Shannon said...

I love that your little guy is wearing his spiderman costume! Makes me want to run up and give my son one last kiss goodnight! Gotta love boys! Oh and the project look like a ton of fun!

Kaye said...

We did this one a couple of months ago and Patrick LOVED his. He loved the snake's poor little head off. We'll have to make another.

Little Patch of Heaven said...

What a neat project. I am going to show my daughter - she is very crafty. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

That's a great craft !!!!McKenna will love it! thanks for the blog visit.. :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

what cute snakes! I might have to try this craft with my nieces. thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

That's such a cute craft! I think I remember doing this craft when I was in grade 4 or something too!

Kate said...

Hey - stumbled on your blog somehow. I remember doing this craft too in grade school! And I love the pic of everyone's smiling faces. I was just thinking the other day, because I do "home preschool" with my little monkey, that I need to take pictures of him with all our little projects. Talk to you later!

Jaina said...

Those are neat!