Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paper Plate Apple Craft

This is a cute craft that would be good for teaching about apples , the color red or just for fun.

You will need: a small paper plate, torn pieces of red paper, brown paper cut like stem, green paper cut like a leaf and glue.

Spread glue all over plate, place red paper pieces on the plate.

Then glue on stem and leaf.

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Mari said...

That is really cute!

Amber M. said...

I have so been about apples lately, so this cute craft is right up my alley! As always, fabulous ideas.

I'll say it again...those preschool kids are sure lucky to have you!

Judy said...

Definitely something we'll be doing before we go apple picking! This is a great one for the two three year olds in my house! Thanks!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

This looks like something we might actually be able to do around here!

Rebekah said...

We have a Pumpkin festival coming up- This would be a good idea using orange paper. Thanks for the idea

Anonymous said...

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