Monday, September 22, 2008

Story Puppets

I love this idea, I am borrowing it from our wonderful librarian, Ms. Wendy. She would always make puppets to go along with stories or rhymes she would do. The kids always loved it. So I am going to do it for my class too. This idea is good for a group or just one child. In a group it helps the kids pay attention because they do not want to miss getting a puppet. If it is one child they love getting them during the story and helps them retell it afterwards.

The puppets are also fun for puppet shows.

To make the puppet box you will need: a shoe box, felt, glue gun and scissors.

Cover the box with felt.

Put holes in the box for the sticks to go in.

To make the puppets, copy the pictures from the book or make your own. I covered mine with clear contact paper and glued them to craft sticks.

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

These turned out great!!! Your kids are going to love holding the puppets up at the right time during the story.

Family O'Foxes said...

That looks great!
I love Brown Bear.
I just love your site.

Rebekah said...

Hey- you have such crafty ideas, how about posting some home made costumes since that time of year is coming up. I once made my son into a jack-in-the-box.