Monday, December 8, 2008

Easy Craft Stick Ornament

These are simple, but cute ornaments almost any one can make.

Materials needed:

Rudolf: Craft sticks, glue, brown paint, hole punch, black construction paper and red pom-pom.

Icicle: Cut crafts sticks, white paint, glue and glitter.

Tree: Craft sticks, green and brown paint, beads, glue and yellow pom-pom.

Rudolf Ornament:

Paint the sticks or not.
Glue the sticks together.
Punch out 2 eyes.
Glue on eyes and nose.

Icicle Ornament:

Paint the sticks.
Glue them together.
Add glitter.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Paint sticks.
Glue them together.
Add beads and pom-pom.

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Sugar Mommy said...

These will be easy and quick for us, which is just what I was looking for. Thanks for the great ideas!

Amber said...

Very cute! I think the tree is my favorite!! Thanks for the quick and easy ideas!

Kristi said...

So clever - this would have been something my Mom would have done with us as kids...

Jaina said...

Those are great and so easy to make.