Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine Love Bugs

I posted these last year, but they are one of my favorite Valentine treats. So I am going to share them again.

These are very cute love bugs if you ask me, and yummy too.

3 Hostess sno balls
2 Twizzlers
2 mini M&M
Dab of white icing

1. Line up the Sno Balls end to end on a serving plate.
2. Cut Twizzlers into six two-inch pieces (some will be left over) and insert two into each Sno- Ball for legs.
3. Insert lollipops into the top of the "head" for antennae.
4. Use icing to secure M&M's for eye.

Then my kids started playing with it and turn it into this:

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jk said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

Melissa said...

Those look adorable AND yummy! Can't beat that!!

Professional Mommy said...

very cute!

Astrid said...

These are so cute! And I bet they're yummy...what a great treat!

sandy said...

These are very cute! Not on my diet, but cute :0)

Jaina said...

Those are adorable

Katherine said...

Those are too cute and yummy!! We will have to make some!

Yaya said...

This is so cute! I had to stop over from Kidz to see!

Katherine Marie! said...

THANK you so much for this ultra fun and creative idea!

We loved it!!!!

Here's how ours turned out---

Whatcha got planned for Easter? I'm sure it's going to be terrific!