Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Bottle Basket

Cheyanne and I made these Valentine baskets today. I thought they would be a good way to deliver candy (like Hersey Kisses). As if there was a bad way to deliver candy.

These baskets were made from a 2 liter bottle and a 16 oz bottle.

We used: Plastic beverage bottles (2 L and 16 oz), crepe paper cut in 1x1in. squares (tissue paper works well too), glue, paint brush, glitter, scissors, hole punch and chenille stems.

First, cut the bottle in half with the scissors.

With the bottom half of the bottle, squirt on the glue and spread it all over with a paint brush.

You may want to do this in sections.

Apply the crepe (or tissue paper) on to the glue.

You may need to paint over some pieces of tissue paper with glue to keep the edges down.

We sprinkled on glitter, then decorated with hearts.

I took the hole punch and punched holes across from each other on the bottle. And attached the chenille stem cleaner to make a handle.

They look cuter than the picture shows.

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

These are adorable!

I'm waiting for my doorbell to ring...

melanie said...

Those are soooo cute!! I love the idea.

sandy said...


Joannof10 said...

I really like this idea, I think we will do it!

April said...

very cute, I cant wait til my little one gets a little bigger do we can to moe complicated crafts like your valentines baskets :)

TwoHeartsTogether said...

Such a good idea to use up old pop bottles! These are already giving me ideas for Easter! Using some pastel tissue paper and adding some Easter grass...

Jen said...

I like it and you teach recycling at the same time! Very cute!

Creative and Curious Kids!

Jaina said...

What a creative use of those bottles.