Friday, March 27, 2009

We Made It, Showcase Saturday !!!

It is the weekend, and I am glad. It has been a busy week. I can not wait to see all the projects you guys have done.

For those of you that are new, We Made It, Showcase Saturday is were you link below to share a project you have done with your kids during the week. I like to post on Friday, so all of you can link on Friday and then look at everyone's ideas on Saturday.
I am posting extra early today because I am taking a break from crafting today.
I love seeing everyones projects, I have gotten a lot of great ideas for my pre-school class. Thank you.

If you can mention We Made It, Showcase Saturday in your post, that would be great. The more people that know about it, the more ideas we get to see.


Mama King said...

Hi this is my first time partcipating. Sounds fun. I look forward to seeing everyone's projects!

Macy and Lucy said...

Hey Jenn! We did the letter U and the letter R since the idea I had for both of them had to do with rainy weather (U for umbrella and R for rainbow)...and we had some monsoon weather this week!! The R for rainbow was good for Biblical teaching...God is so good!

Have a great weekend!!

Nicki said...

I put our Wikki Stix project up!

Erica said...

I accidentally came to your blog via the crafty crow tonight and I happen to have a craft project that I can share with you all. I will be posting an update to show how we finish it and explain a bit more how we did it.

~Bobbi~ said...

Thanks for Saturday Showcase! It's such a great way to meet other Mama's with terrific ideas!

Holly said...

I added our finished spaghetti mobile to my blog post (