Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Part 2

This is part 2 to the Cinco de Mayo crafts. Even if Cinco de Mayo is not a major holiday, even in Mexico, it is a fun way to teach your child about the Mexican culture.

Mexican Flag:
We made a Mexican flag out of construction paper, of course painting one would be fun too.
The flag colors represent things that are important to the Mexican culture.
Green- the hope for a better culture
White- the purity of the Catholic faith
Red- all the blood people shed for their independence.

Mexican Blanket:

I cut a piece of poster board in 4 rectangles.
Drew lines on the poster board with a pencil for Cheyanne to follow.
Cheyanne painted it in bright colors. Allow to dry.
Punched hole on the sides.
Cheyanne threaded beads on chenille stems.
I wrapped the beaded chenille stems through the holes.


Cheyanne painted 2 Styrofoam bowls with brightly colored paints.
Allow to dry.
Fill the 1 bowl with some dried beans or rice.
Glue on large craft stick to the inside of a bowl. (I hot glued it) Put about a 1/4 of the stick inside the bowl, to make it sturdy enough to hold the Maracas.
Glue on second bowl.

Mexican Pottery:
We did not do this but I thought it would also be a fun activity.
Show your child some pictures of Mexican pottery from a book or Internet.
Then get some clay and create some of your own pottery.

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Valerie said...

Love the maracas! I did the Mexican pottery thing with Emily last year and she really enjoyed it. We read the book The Pot that Juan Built too.


Jen said...

It looks like she's having a lot of fun celebrating! I did a lot for Chinese New Year and the girls really loved it.

Creative and Curious Kids! said...

I love your CDM crafts! I'll be linking.