Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paper Plate Bird

I found this great bird craft from Family Fun. My kids love paper air planes, so I thought this would put a different spin on that idea.
We used: Paper plate, 2 plastic spoons, masking tape, rubber band, pebble and permanent markers.

Cut the plate in half and then cut 1 half of the plate in thirds.
Tape 1 1/3 piece to the paper plate for the tail.

Place the pebble between the bowl part of the spoons. Rubber band the spoons together.

Tape the spoons to the underside of the bird.

Decorate the face.

Now go fly.

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Mama King said...

Wow, I can't believe it flew! I have to didn't look the most aerodynamic :-) Thanks for the project! I think this would be a good one for Daddy & the girls on Mama's sleep in Saturdays!

Lisa said...

What a fun project. My girls would love this.