Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paper Plate Butterflies

Today, Cheyanne and I made these super easy paper plate butterflies. They can be decorated in a million different ways and still look great.

I think this is a perfect spring craft. The butterflies look great on my pantry door in my kitchen.

We used: A paper plate, paint, brushes, construction paper, scissors and glue.

Fold the paper plate in half. Paint half the plate, if you paint both sides that works well also.

After painting and the paint is still wet, fold the paper plate again. Cut plate into a butterfly shape.
You can add a body and antennae after the paint dries.



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Ally said...

Love this idea!

MoziEsmé said...

Sweet idea - just in time for our butterfly day coming up next week!

KJ said...

So cute! :) My son will love it!

craft said...

nice :)

relia said...

Soo cute! Thanks

Missy said...

I am a preschool teacher and I have to be honest . . . after teaching for so many years I am tired of the same ideas so I love looking at your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you make!!!! I have actually taken some of your ideas and done them in my class. Keep up the great work.

reyt said...

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