Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Pond Craft- Duck- Part I

My son, Colton, had so much making and playing with this pond. This idea came from one of the teachers at my pre school, and then I added a few of my own animals.

This pond consists of a duck, a frog , the frog's life cycle, a lily pads, a dragonfly and a turtle. I have broke this project down into 4 posts.

Part I - The Duck

We used: Paper plate, green and brown paint, brush, glue, wiggly eyes, scissors, stapler and green, yellow and orange construction paper.

Paint the inside circle on the backside of the plate green. Paint the outside rim brown.
Allow to dry.

Cut out feet, head and beak.

Decorate head.
Fold plate in half. Cut a slit on the fold, on one side large enough to slide in the duck's neck.
Slide the duck's neck into the slit and staple.
Staple on feet.
Staple back end on the top. You may need to staple in a piece of folded paper, on the inside of the back, to balance out the weight of the head.

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Miller Moments said...

Oh my goodness! Too cute!!!

Sarah said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! We are heading into a month long pond unit study and your crafts and ideas will be such a help!