Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apples Lesson Plan

For the next 2 weeks at school our theme will be Apples are Round. And apples are Red, Green and Yellow.

We will be making:

Torn Paper Apple Plates

A is for Apple Tree
Paper Bag Apples:
We used: A small paper bag stuffed with newspaper and a twisty tie to close it, green paper leaf, red paint, brush and glue.

Cheyanne painted the apple bag.

Then glued on the leaf.

Here are some more fun apples crafts we have done.
I will also be posting some more fun apple crafts in the next few days.


Michelle said...

I think we are going to try this tommorow! It came out so cute :0)

Christie said...

I can't wait to see all of your fun apple activities. We do a week of apples with one of our weekly stories on Johnny Appleseed.

Melissa said...

Your paper bag apple is awesome! We make ones similar to that, except in pumpkin form, during October. :)

Lisa said...

Awesome. We're studying apples this week.