Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fire Chief Hat

This is our last Fire Safety project.

Tomorrow a fireman and fire truck are coming to our school to talk about fire safety. I thought it would be cute if the kids wore fire hats.

This project is a little hard to explain in word, so I hope the pictures help.
We used: Large red construction paper, scissors, pencil, stapler, marker and stickers (stars and flags).

I cut out the hat. First cut out a large oval. For the inside cut out a half oval, leaving the bottom attached. Cut crescent shapes on the side (this is going to be the circle that fits on the head).
Then cut a 2 to 3 in thick strip the width of the paper.

Decorate the hat.

Now take the strip and staple it to the top of the hat (Where it says Fire Chief), then staple the bottom of the strip to the back of the inside circle.

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