Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween/Birthday Weekend

I can not believe my first baby is now 10! Double digits, he is getting so big.

So since his birthday is in Oct., he always has a Halloween party. I love it, the house is always decorated and there are so many ideas. We had a sleep over with 11 kids and every year the party seems to get less work for me. I am over the big activity filled parties.

I did decorate the cake. After I decorated it, I did think it was morbid to put the kids names on it, but they all loved it. They liked getting their own piece of cake with their name on it. But I did forget one child's name so he got the R.I.P tomb stone.

My only activity planned was a twilight candy hunt. Each child got a small flash light and had to search for candy in the yard.

Of course there was a visit from the Grim Reaper. They were so funny, they all got scared, but said they weren't. Everyone of them just froze in their footsteps. They were all in a group with Mr Reaper jumped out on them.

The house was decorated with trash bag ghost and Mr. Bones the skeleton (from Milk Jugs).

Cheyanne also had a party to go to. I think she looks so cute in her witches costume.

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We are the Smith Family said...

Wow...what crafty talent! I have been a bad blogger buddy....sooo glad I checked in with you! Love your ideas!!!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My kids had a great time and Peter loved the tombstone idea!

Jaina said...

What a great party! Happy belated birthday!! Their costumes look so cute! LOVE the cake idea :)

Avery & Hailey said...

Cheyanne was very cute in her witch's costume and sweet at the party! She kept saying, "I have that, but not that...mine's different." It was funny. Your decorations look great!