Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wax Paper Ghost

This are super easy but make great ghost decoration. Cheyanne had a great time making these.

We used: Wax paper, glue (Craft glue or school glue), wiggly eyes, twisty tie (or paper clip bent into a "V" shape) and silver or white glitter.

Tear off a piece of wax paper. Fold in half creating a crease. Unfold.

Have child squeeze glue into fold.

Refold the wax paper a press out glue to make an unique shape.

Open up, sprinkle on glitter and add eyes. Add twisty to the top to create a hanger.

Allow to dry. Cut around shape, making a great ghost.

I know some people can peel the glue off but mine never work, so I leave it on the wax paper.

Hang for decoration or put on string to make a necklace.

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Holly said...

Heheh I like your little ghosties! They are very cute!

Michelle said...

This is so cute!